Standard Model Partners is a premier provider of tools and services that support risk management professionals and aims to improve the risk management profession.


We measure everything; aim to resolve uncertainty; and champion sustainability.


Quality is our first priority. Our project team adheres to industry and international standards, models, and best practices and maintain a fundamental quality management framework, process, and policy


Our communications are transparent, inclusive, relevant, and up to date. Our partnerships with customers are based on mutual trust, openness, and honesty.


Our project resources have different backgrounds and experiences that provide services in partnership with our customers. We have a one team approach, with shared responsibilities, and a single point of accountability


We are committed to continual review and improvement. Lessons learnt with appropriate documentation, performance metrics, and mutual agreements are the basis for our partnerships with customers


Our success is tied to the success of our customers and partners. We recognize that the risk must be balanced with the rewards for the benefit of all parties involved

We are local and worldwide

We are a network of risk management consultants and risk management software developers. We have a local presence and a global outlook.

We are a matrix organization

We offer resources from a variety of backgrounds and experiences in risk management. Our team includes consultants, developers, subject matter experts, business analysts and technical writers.

We are consultants and developers

Embedding resources with business and technical skills, or from either discipline offer valuable insights and a full service. Our team includes employees and contractors to form the best team available.

Risk Solutions for an Uncertain World

We are actively engaged in risk management standardization and technology projects in the energy and utilities, cable and technology, mining and resources, and financial services industries. Our team of technical and subject matter experts and technical resources offer unique insight and expertise in the industry, fueled by their passion for delivering quality services to our customers.

So where does the name Standard Model come from? We wanted an identity that clearly spoke to our passion and expertise in the industry, and that would respond to the needs of our customers while anticipating changing market trends. The Standard Model of particle physics provides a framework explaining three of the four basic forces in nature. The nature of the fourth force represents uncertainty, which is why the Standard Model is generally regarded as the “theory of [almost] everything.”

In business, uncertainty gives rise to risk. Our mission at Standard Model Partners is to successfully support our customers’ risk management programs by implementing solutions led by our team of subject matter experts. Solutions that are grounded by internationally recognized standards and reinforced by industry leading software supplied by our technology partners.