Cybersecurity is the new priority.
We help customers identify, collect and organize cyber asset data, develop workflow and processes, and implement tools that are harmonized with the risk management framework, and supports the goals of the cybersecurity team.

Cybersecurity Risk Features

Managing risk increases the likelihood of achieving cybersecurity objectives. 

Assets, Processes, and People

Manage your cybersecurity asset database including systems, software and hardware, along with projects and vendors, tagged to the organizational structure, people and processes.

Compliance programs

We provide solutions to identify define governance, regulatory, vendor contracts and commitments in a single compliance platform, including tasks and attestations.

Risk exception Requests

Assess threat and vulnerabilities to processes, assets and people in the context of vendor and system projects, and ensure that governance requirements are met and maintained.

Gaps and Nonconformities

Manage nonconformities, and automated, preventive and corrective actions on one platform from all cybersecurity processes, to ensure compliance and that risks are managed.

Monitoring Measures

Collect data from existing scanning software and monitoring systems, and develop automated alerts, notifications and control measures to mitigate risk.


Report and collect incident data, conduct investigations and root cause analysis to respond to cybersecurity events appropriately.

Controls, Threats, and Consequences

Let us help you identify, catalogue and develop a control framework, sources and consequence taxonomies to improve the quality of risk assessments.

Audits and Assessments

Schedule and manage checklist based audits, self-assessments, independent compliance reviews, and collect data from automated monitoring systems to correct vulnerabilities.

Enablon SMEs

We offer cybersecurity and technical subject matter experts to guide you through the process of implementing Enablon enterprise solutions for security management.

Enablon Services

Tailored Security Content

We offer tailored content that enhances our solution, and reduces implementation time spent on each component of a security management implementation.


Predefined Processes

We offer process documentation and specifications including workflows, rules, notifications, alerts, and guides to implement and maintain security solutions.


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Standard Model is the leading Enablon Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) services partner, providing consulting services, technical implementations, and managed support services.


Designing an integrated, enterprise solution requires thorough reviews of existing data, process and tools, and an analysis of historical design decisions, in order to produce meaningful information for decision making.


Identifying, collecting, and developing data structures, and uploading content typically accounts for 50% of the workload for an Enterprise Software Implementation.

  • 50%


Designing new or review existing processes to define workflows, rules, notifications, and alerts typically accounts for 30% of the workload for Enterprise Software Implementations.

  • 30%


Our preconfigured solution enables projects to launch faster and more efficiently, and typically accounts for 20% of the workload in an Enterprise Software Implementation.

  • 20%

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