Enablon Services


Standard Model Partners is the only Enablon services partner in North America that specializes specifically on Enablon GRC enterprise implementations, with an aim to optimize management systems, practices and processes. We offer unique insights on opportunities for optimization, consistency, scalability, and integration of processes. We actively seek out the synergies within business areas and between Enablon modules and offer tailored training that supports our perspective.

Risk Based Approach

Standard Model utilizes its extensive experience in risk management to develop management support systems while employing a risk-based approach to our entire project methodology, including recommendations and decisions.

Local Support

Standard Model is willing and able to travel to any location and provide local support when needed. We see a great deal of value in face-to-face meetings with customers and make every effort to accommodate these requests.

Enablon Expertise

The resources assigned to this project have extensive Enablon experience, both project and quality management positions at Enablon customers, and previous Enablon employees, including the previous GRC Product Manager, an R&D resource, and two lead support analysts.

Iterative Methodology

Over the last 5 years, we have developed a unique, iterative methodology.

One of the cornerstones of any successful project is the manner and methodology in which the vendor governs the implementation processes. An implementation methodology should start from proven practices that have been developed over time, and that is continually assessed and improved.

Risk-Informed Decisions

We combine industry and technical prowess to resolve uncertainty throughout the implementation.

Although standardization is important, the project methodology should also be agile enough to tailor customers’ unique context, culture, and to ensure that risk information forms the basis for all decisions.

Risk-based designs

Management systems with a multi-stakeholder and multi-process scope require a rigorous risk-based approach to designs.

While each project phase has a set of defined responsibilities and deliverables, Standard Model takes an iterative approach to design. This systematic review serves to identify and align understanding of requirements and to correct where it has not clearly been described or interpreted. This method has proven successful in not only deploying single applications within one project but specifically in the deployment of multiple applications simultaneously in a multi-stakeholder program.

Our goal is to involve customers early in the design of each solution.

From research, we found that customers are most likely to achieve their goals if stakeholders are involved in the designs.

Designing an Integrated Enablon platform requires thorough reviews of existing processes and tools, an analysis of existing Enablon implementations or decisions that were made during the implementation, as well as intensive workshops to validate designs.

MODEL R, Standard Model Partners Proprietary Research.

Enablon FAQ

We are Enablon experts.

For more questions like these, feel free to reach out to our teams in the United States, Canada, Peru, Germany and South Africa.

How many years Enablon experience do our team have?

We are proud to say that collectively, we have over 50 years collective experience consulting, developing, and implementing Enablon solutions.

If your team Enablon QuickStart certified?

Yes, we have a team of Enabon QuickStart certified consultants engaged in Enablon QuickStart projects. 

Do you have any experince upgrading Enablon versions?

Yes. Our team has are upgrade experts and can developt scripts and tools above and beyond what Enablon provides.

What type of Enablon skills do your team have?

Our team has held positions while employed by Enablon including product managers, resesearch and development, project managers, technical analysts, and support consultants.

Do you provide integration services?

Yes, our technical team has developed integrations with other applications and between Enablon applications.

Do you provide bespoke solutions using Enablon?

Yes, we have produced 6 bespoke solutions for our customers using the Enablon framework.