Tailored assessment of risk management effectiveness and improvement based on decades of experience in risk management, and organizational capability in managing risk.
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Of risk management capabilities to assess risk management effectiveness.


Practicing CRO perspectives on risk management.


Export your 5-year risk management plan including budgets and resources needed for risk management.


Coss-walk analysis to COSO ERM, ISO 31000 & King III to measure your risk management program performance.

What is your risk management improvement potential?

All organizations face uncertainty when pursuing objectives, strategies, operations, and project plans. To resolve and reduce uncertainty, organizations assess risk against their objectives, and develop capabilities to manage risk by embedding these capabilities within existing management systems and organizational processes.

An effective risk management program is essential to the success of any business, large or small, and should be tailored to meet its unique needs and requirements. Risk management creates value, protects the interests of internal stakeholders, manages the expectations of external stakeholders, and contributes to the achievement of goals and objectives.

Access ERM Domains Easily Using Dashboards

ERM domains are easily accessible from dashboards. Each domain contains several ERM capabilities to assess and users can start at any point.

Consult Criteria and Author Guidance

Each capability can be scored with a 0-4 rating which is scaled from 0 being non-existent to 4 being fully in place.

Consult Criteria and Author Guidance

During the assessment, users can consult the single set of author criteria and use the guidance notes for each capability to design the 5-year risk management improvement plans.

Capabilities are organized per domain

In total there are over 120 Enterprise Risk Management capabilities for risk managers to explore and assess their organizational capability against.

Generate 5-year risk Managment Plans

Any time during the assessment, users can generate their 5-year risk management improvement plans to address gaps in organizational ERM capabilities.

Consider 5-year Future Maturity Levels

Users are able to assign their future maturity goals 5 years in the future to plan resources including budgets, people and time to implement recommendations based on the author guidance for ERM capability improvement.

Consider International Frameworks and Standards

Version 2 of ERM Benchmarker™ offers 3 cross-walk analysis to internationally recognized frameworks and standards, COSO ERM, ISO 31000 & King III, as well as other capabilities recognized by risk practitioners as recommended practice.

A full featured

Risk Management Effectiveness Assessment

ERM Benchmarker™, offering a tailored assessment of risk management effectiveness and improvement based on decades of experience in risk management, and organizational capabilities in managing risk.

Cross-walk Analysis

Benchmarker™ covers 100% of the capabilities cited in both ISO 31000 and COSO ERM and includes a cross-walk between international best practice including ISO 31000 and COSO ERM.

A cross-walk analysis of ISO 31000 revealed that ISO 31000 covers 62% of the capabilities in ERM Benchmarker™, while ISO 31000 covers 83% of COSO ERM. The same cross-walk analysis reveals that COSO ERM covers 63% of ERM Benchmarker™ and 66% of ISO 31000.

The detailed cross-walk analysis is based on 30 years experience in risk management as well as proprietary research on risk management maturity models. ERM Benchmarker™ provides detailed guidance notes, author commentary and interpretations of international best practices, and highlights where ERM Benchmarker™ covers and surpasses well-known frameworks and standards.

More About the Author

Domenic is a practicing Chief Risk Officer aligning enterprise-wide risk management (ERM) and project risks for a multi-national construction and manufacturing company operating in up to 64 countries.

Personal Profile

An Australian expatriate based in Dubai UAE, Domenic specializes in bringing organizations ‘up the ERM maturity curve‘ and building risk practitioner tools for implementing ERM, ISO 31000:2009 and COSO ERM.

Formerly with Marsh Risk Consulting and Shell, he enjoys over 30 years experience in risk, strategic planning, and business management consulting across many sectors in Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia, and Australia-Pacific. A regular conference presenter and author, he is currently writing a book on tailoring risk maturity models to assess the effectiveness of ERM. Now released as software, Benchmarker™ Risk Maturity Model has been a leading practitioner tool for risk and audit professionals since its presentation to the G31000 Paris Conference in 2012.


  • MA & Dip Ed Specialized in Counter-Terrorism – University of Sydney
  • BA Specialized in Counter-Terrorism – University of New South Wales
  • PMI RMP Risk Management Professional
  • PMI PMP Project Management Professional
  • SIRM UK Specialist
  • Member The Directors & Chief Risk Officers Group (DCRO)
  • PMI-RMP Project Risk Management Professional & PMP Project Management Professional
  • Ex-RMIA Risk Management Institute of Australia & ACI Australasian Compliance Institute

Domenic Antonucci

Benefit from practicing chief risk officer experiences

Benefit from CRO experiences, industry best practice, and COSO ERM and ISO 31000 to collect findings, consider improvements, and generate a 5-year risk management plan.