First, Second and Third Line

Integrated Assurance

Our team developed a solution to a common industry problem: how to integrate audits, assessments, inspections, and other assurance activities for organizations that use the Enablon platform.

Project Goals

  • Identify, analyze, and evaluate all assessment and audit modules in Enablon
  • Develop integration between each module
  • Harmonize outputs between modules
  • Develop a single findings database with appropriate classifications in each context

Our Solution

Our solution enables:

  • Single schedule for all assurance activities
  • Optimized resource scheduling and assignment
  • Access to all audits and assessments from a single application
  • Consistent taxonomies and integration with risk, incident and control information
  • Single findings database
  • Consistent assurance reports

Project Metrics

Stakeholder Group Requirements Assessed, Including Vendor Audit, Internal Audit, IT GRC, Internal Controls, Operational Integrity Audit, Management System Self-Assessments, ISO Audits, Sustainability Excellence Maagement Systems, and others

Enabon Modules Reviewed

Assessments and Audit Integration

We develop solutions to common business problems for internal audit departments that need visibility into all assurance activities within governance groups and business units.

Single audit schedule with multiple plans and simple resource allocation


Line of sight to all assurance activities within the organization


Single findings solution that consolidates all audit and assessment outcomes


Predefined audit reports that are consistent and relevant for the audit or assessment type


Our Projects

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