Mining Enterprise and Operational Risk Management

Our customer, a leading mining company operating in North and South America, needed a risk management solution for enterprise, site/operations, field level, and non-routine/routine activities. The first wave of this project included enterprise and site level or operational risk management, and field and non-routine/routine risk management activities are being considered for subsequent projects.

Project Goals

  • Enable the business process of moving from ‘passive to active risk management’
  • Enable the business process of having risks ‘live with roles and not people’
  • Ensure data privacy throughout the risk management process
  • Assist in the process of risk consolidation
  • Assist in ensuring accountability and ownership of risks
  • Enable synergies between business groups in relation to risk management


We delivered a solution to manage enterprise risk as well as site level risks, including workflows, escalations, notifications to enable consistent risk assessment and risk treatment processes.

The solution enables:

  • Structuring risk source, consequence taxonomies for improved risk identification and analysis
  • Improved risk assessment techniques with qualitative and quantitative consequence dimensions and risk criteria
  • Consistent recording and management risks and risk treatment throughout the organization
  • Quarterly risk review processes
  • Workflows and validations by accountable risk owners
  • Enterprise, operational and project risk aggregation and improved risk evaluation at all sites and within organizational levels

Project Metrics

Risks Migrated from Legacy systems

Risk Analysis Consequence Dimensions and Criteria

Structured Taxonomies for Risk Sources including Root Causes, Hazards and Threats

Structured Taxonomies for Control Hierarchies and Controls

Stakeholder Groups, including Enterprise Risk, Site Risk Champions, and

Enterprise and Operational Risk

We provide structured, systematic, and timely risk information for decision makers, from enterprise risk to site level risk assessments, incident reporting and conformance assessments.

Improve the quality of risk analysis for department, asset, project and program risk.

Enhance the ability to compare current residual risk assessments with real incident metrics

Optimize expected residual risk estimates and evalaute treatment options for an optimal treatment effect

Compare and select projects based on the expected risk return on investment

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