Strategic Planning to Optimize CSR, EHS and Security Risk, Compliance and Audit Systems

Our leading mining customer needed a full review of their existing corporate social responsibility, environment, health and safety, audit and compliance, air quality, corporate security. After months of document reviews, interviews, and onsite workshops, our team developed a multi-year strategic roadmap to optimize functionality, harmonize data and taxonomies and simplify usage within all departments.

Project Goals

  • Review of the existing systems to ensure optimal design and benefits are maximized.
  • Determine stakeholder’s expectations, needs and desires and find creative solutions to solve their complex business problems.
  • Execute theStandard Model proprietary review methodology to identify gaps between the current state and desired future state.
  • Develop a comprehensive business plan and technology roadmap to support the desired future state.
  • Providing support for an upgrade of the existing system to the latest version.

Our Solution

Our plan included a strategic roadmap based on our team’s 50-year collective experience reviewing, analyzing, and developing solutions for sustainability, corporate social responsibility, environment, health and safety, audit and compliance systems.

We offered our customer:

  • Structured evaluation of their department’s
  • Multi-year strategic roadmap on how to deploy enterprise systems
  • Design options per department requirements and for the management functioning as a whole
  • Opportunities for improvement
  • Suggestions for interfaces with external systems

Project Metrics

Options Developed and Assesses for Consideration

Requirements Identified

Documents Reviewed and Analyzed

Interviews and Workshops Completed

Stakeholder Groups, including Sustainability (CSR, Environment, Health and Safety, and Security), Insurance, Internal Audit, Compliance, and Enterprise Risk

Sustainability Excellence Management Systems

Our combined team of subject matter experts and technical specialists help customers understand the benefits of each sustainability module and how to exploit it to maximise return on investment.

Alignment between sustainability and risk management departments

Methods and tools to ensure that processes are consistent between stakeholder groups

Optimized tools that allow users to maximize benefits from its investment in enterprise platforms

Compare and select projects based on the expected risk return on investment

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